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Mallrats Band
July 7
9:30 p.m. -12:30 a.m. 


Take yourself to "" home of Minnesota's premiere 90's tribute band. For over 10 years, Mallrats has delivered a high-energy stage show playing all your favorite hits from the 90's. From Grunge to Boy Bands, Heavy Metal to Country, Mallrats can cover it all. 

Admission - $10

Drive Band Photo.jpg
July 8
9:00 p.m. -   1:00 a.m.

They are just a group of guys (and one gal) that love music and want to

share that passion with everyone.  They strive for excellence in all that they do and they are proudly not a "track band".  Everything you hear will be played live just for you!

Admission - FREE

A HUGE Thank You goes out to DRIVE Chevrolet of Rugby for sponsoring the show this evening.  



Drive Chevy.JPG
Drive Chevy Rugby.JPG

Inspection will begin at 9:00 a.m. and smashing starts at 2:00 p.m.

Call Sam Crowell for more information.


                                                               $15- Ages 12 and up

                                                                $5 - Ages 7-11

                                                          Free- Ages 6 and under

                                                                 $20 - Pit Access

Demolition Derby
July 8
 2:00 p.m. 


If you've never been to a demolition derby it is a fun, fast-paced event.  It has been compared to legalized road rage!  The goal is to immobilize your opponent's car by any means necessary within the rules of course, and yes, there are rules!

The competitors can have easily over 100 hours into building their car, hoping to last the 10-15 minutes each round takes.  The ultimate goal is to be the last car moving.

It is a loud, hot, dirty and crazy event so please keep this in mind if you have small children.

Don't miss this smash'em, crash'em event!


Enduro Race
 July 9
2:00 p.m.

Come out and watch these racers from around the area as they test their endurance, stamina, focus and driving abilty.  They will race around the track for 2 hours or 200 laps to crown the champion.


$15- Ages 12 and up

$5 - Ages 7-11

Free- Ages 6 and under

$20 - Pit Access



The Not So Newlywed Game
July 6
7:00 p.m. 

Game Show Network Beware!  The Pierce County Fair is bringing "The Married Couples Challenge" to the stage.  How well do these couples know their partner?

At 7:00 pm, your host will enter the stage with his "deep and intellectual" questions.  Be ready to cheer on your favorite team as they compete for the title of "Best Couple"!  Make sure and pack some tissues because you will be brought to tears from the touching or hilarious answers.  Nobody knows what will happen so don't miss out on this event!

Your Front-Line Couples are:

Wayne and Barb Welk

Dallas and Tara Hager

Darren and Barb Opstedal

Jason and Deanna Marchus

Loren and Susan Marchus

Russ and Kyle Handegard

Erick and Tara Handegard

Jeff and Melissa Slaubaugh

Jesse and Josalyn Hoff Rue

Alex and Shea Senger

Free-Will Donation

will go towards the

new Agricultural Building.




Mighty Thomas Carnival
July 6 - 9

The Mighty Thomas Carnival plans to return to the Pierce County Fair.  They will be ready to go on Thursday, July 6.  They are happy to be back on the road, but facing the challenges of employee shortages like many businesses across the country.  The Thomas Carnival has been around since 1928 when Art B. Thomas founded it.  It has been and continues to be run by members of the Thomas family.  They provide safe, clean, wholesome entertainment for your family.  Come out and stroll the midway and experience what they have to offer. WELCOME BACK! 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday - 

Wristbands - $25 Daily

                     $60 All 4 Days

Get ATaste
of the Fair
July 6
5:00 p.m.

We invite you to visit all of our vendors at the 2023 Pierce County Fair.  The vendors will be showcasing their items to everyone.  Try an old favorite or maybe find some new favorite items.


Expected Vendors are:


Mighty Thomas Carnival

Henry's Ribs & Brisket

     *  $5 Brisket Nacho Sample

     *  $5 Pulled Pork Nacho Sample

Daddy's Doughnuts

     *Buy One Bag Get One Free 

               (once per customer)

Good Way

Ma's Cookcar

     *  $3 Sample Plate

              (curds, deep fried pickle

               chips, soft baked pretzel)

Straight's Concessions


     *Sample boat of 3 signature fries (regular, kicked up, cajun with 2 dips (homemade ranch& special cheese sauce) for $8

Cranston Family Concessions

     *$2 off a Funnel Cone (reg. $8)

Village Arts

Firefly Tattoos

Caricatures by Corey

Who Has Buttons?

     *1 for $2 or 3 for $5

Let's Destroy it Rage Room

Shel-bee's Handmade Creations

Color Dot Jewelry & Freezin USA

     *$5 All Items

     *Buy 5 for $20

A Sister Fine Jewelry

     *$5 Oyster Opening with guaranteed oyster 

Village Arts


Foster Care ND



Fair Fun for Everyone!
We'll have you...
--Ridin'--Rockin' and--Livestockin'


"The grounds always look so nice, and everyone is so helpful"

"We wait for the fair every year.  So much for our whole family to do and lots of it is free!"

"You all work so hard to bring a great event to Rugby."

"Thanks for another great fair.  Our kids enjoyed everything even if there wasn't rides!"

A Look at the Rides from



There's a new family-friendly roller-coaster this year called the Wacky Cowboy that's expected to be very popular. The coaster is 92-feet wide and has a height of 22-feet -- so it's great for all ages. It's full of LEDs, a fancy lighting package, and the colorful cars and colorful scenery.

martian maze

the Martian Maze lets children climb ladders, cross bridges, slide down slides and walk through a rotating barrel.

Fun Slide

On the fun slide, also known as the astroglide slide, or cascade slide, a rider walks up the stairs to get to the top of this slide along with a mat. The rider places the mat on the slide, sits on the mat, and slides down the ride.


The Zipper flips riders in multiple directions as each of the free spinning cages rounds each ends of the boom.

bumper cars

Bumper cars is a type of flat ride consisting of several small electrically powered cars which draw power from the floor and/or ceiling, and which are turned on and off remotely by an operator


The Up Up and Away Balloon Race is a fun, colorful ride for children and their parents. Children can spin their tubs as they race around the sky going up and down and twirling all around.

frog hopper

The frog hopper fairground ride is a kind of vertical ascent and bounced descent amusement ride and it provides a single restraint system for all riders.


The DIZZY DRAGON grins with delight as he 'opens up' to welcome kids and parents alike for a gentle ride. Four of these happy dragons turn in unison, carrying customers around and around. With their bright colors and amusing faces, these dragons are sure to please!

rio grande train

Chugging around a circular track, the RIO GRANDE TRAIN is the perfect rail trip for young patrons and their parents.


Wacky Maze Bounce House

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